Our foundation has raised over $250,000 in the past 5 years. This money has gone towards programs that will attract students to our schools. We are not looking towards ‘endowment’ because we feel the dollars need to be spent now. Individuals and businesses were thrilled to donate and become stockholders in the future of our schools. We have a responsibility to future generations of students.

Other systems in the county, state, and country are experiencing the same economic issues as our system. As you may have read, Mayor Martin is not cutting school budgets as he understands that good schools attract good students, families, and businesses to our town. The schools are our most important product.

The Greenfield schools are moving in the right direction because the teachers, principals, staff, coaches, volunteers and community members care about quality education for the children in our community.

--Rob Cohn, President, Greenfield Education Foundation

 Our Recent Mailings:

Happy New Year to you, our investors in the Greenfield Education Foundation! This has been a rewarding and busy year for the Greenfield schools and students.

This is not a solicitation letter, but rather, a way to share some information on how your funds have been well spent. As you may know, the GEF operates with a volunteer board and has no paid staff. As a result, 100% of investor raised funds go directly to many areas within the schools to help promote student success. The members of the board are passionate about supporting the schools and community in order to help the students get the best possible education so they can be successful in a competitive world. State finances continue to be tight, and compel us to do more to provide what is needed for the students to excel. Through your generosity, we have provided funding for equipment, trips, and material goods that has benefitted all schools and all students.

You might be interested in learning about some of the items, as seen in the enclosed newsletter, that were able to be purchased within the past 18 months with your financial support. The needs change every year, but increasingly, we have seen requests for additional investment in technology as our schools look to wireless technology and individual student access within the classroom to help our students prepare for the future in a world of increasing complexity.

In the next few months, we will be contacting you about the 2016 annual campaign. We will have more information on upcoming projects and needs within the schools.

Your support has truly made a difference for so many students – thank you. We hope you find the attached information inspiring – our community has benefitted from your generosity and investment in our students.