It was with a profound sense of purpose and promise that we announced the formation of the Greenfield Education Foundation in April of 2010. As strong schools are the most fundamental asset of a productive and prosperous community, our sole objective is to raise funds exclusively for the public schools in Greenfield.

Now more than ever it is vital that we maintain and passionately support an exceptional 21st century school system that we can all be proud of--one that energizes and excites students; one that helps prepare our children and grandchildren today for the challenges of tomorrow.

In the months and years ahead we will be engaging the community in this effort, and reaching out to help raise funds annually to support innovative new programs. Chief among them are music, arts, sports and unique course offerings intended to attract students. We want to bring the benefits of the many area private schools to our very own public schools.

This is not an endowment.  Every dollar raised will be a dollar that directly supports LOCAL students in LOCAL schools. In collaboration with Mayor Martin and Superintendent Harper, the Greenfield Education Board of Directors has established priorities for distribution of funds, targeting each dollar for maximum positive impact.

We encourage you to join us in this vital effort.  We invite you to help us continue to rejuvenate our public school system by becoming part of this cause.  We ask for your generous support!

Please contact us for more information and we welcome your input and your donations.



PO BOX 722